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Pie was the high point of MY thanksgiving, I don’t know about you. Remarkably interesting “incidents” and humorous family happenings afforded fascinating entertainment of considerable educational value. Did he have to take curmudgeon so literally? Why do people choose to live like this? … Continue reading

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I hate my cat.

She won’t stop trying to knock the pictures off the wall. 

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Flurries!  Twice this week I get to present to an audience, which makes me feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen. I always tell myself, ‘If I practice this, then I will get better at it.’ I’m not sure that’s … Continue reading

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I spent the weekend reading too much of what I don’t enjoy. I struggled my way through a stilted interview with two academics, thinking it would be good for me. It reminded me of the intellectual-boy equivalent of those conversations … Continue reading

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I just got back from an excellent panel discussion, strange as it is to say. EFA Project Space hosted a talk about printmaking and collaboration, specifically the professional collaborative relationship. It was really engaging, in the way you’d like all … Continue reading

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I’m back in town after spending the weekend at the Pyramid Atlantic book arts fair and conference. I took no photos this weekend, thus the picture of wigs will be taking the place of photos of happy shining booksellers. Impressions … Continue reading

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more waiting.

My brother went to school to be a marriage counselor, once upon a time. At one point he was treating married couples decades older than he was while he was a single twenty-something guy living with his mom. He told … Continue reading

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