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Fearless expectation of success.

This past year has been particularly good to me; I’m hoping that my luck holds for awhile.  I dislike New Year’s as an Enforced Fun kind of holiday, but I love how people all of a sudden reevaluate their lives. … Continue reading

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i am the keeper of secrets

Well, actually, not. Pretty much the opposite, really. But right now I’m interested in the elephant in the room, the story these people over here know, and those people over there do not, and how the  telling and not telling, … Continue reading

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Bingo Jackpot Snowballs

 It’s really luxurious to have two weeks stretching out in front of me, but I feel at loose ends in the presence of luxury.  The snow’s pretty, but I can’t run in the snow, and when I can’t run I … Continue reading

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restless life syndrome

I remember a time when I was always waiting for something exciting to happen.  And then many exciting things did happen, and most of them were unpleasant, and then I wanted nothing exciting to happen.  I sorted out the text … Continue reading

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what we are not

I’m having trouble concentrating lately. I’m looking forward to taking time off and having time to focus. I plan on baking a whole mess of food tomorrow. Hopefully it will relax me. 

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1. I went for a run yesterday morning and got caught in one of those dead leaf mini-cyclones. It was exciting. This morning it was so cold I almost needed my gloves for the entire run. My ears went numb. … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about timing.    And pacing. I’ve gotten better at both. I think it’s mainly developing a sense of how very long things take.  Cooking is one of those things that teaches you about time. Also … Continue reading

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I just made spicy red beans and rice, and now my nose won’t stop running. 

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I went to see Rachel Getting Married tonight, which was the perfect thing to see this weekend and the perfect mix of salt and sweet, tough and loose. Starring a perfect sister and a hot mess. And then I went … Continue reading

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