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paper marbling x-travaganza

Please join us. Paper marbling’s on the menu for tonight and everyone’s invited…. My co-worker Corinna Zeltsman started this program this year. Come by and try some paper marbling, eat some snacks, meet some fun people. Paper marbling’s kind of … Continue reading

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I made the best pie in the world today.  Pear Fig Pie with Hazelnut Crumb Crust.  Whoo. I made it in bits, a crust one day, poaching figs another day. Toasting nuts in my spare time. The leisurely approach to … Continue reading

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Men Explain Things to Me.

This morning I read this, which seemed to ring true to me at the time. Then I went to work, and proceeded to have an email exchange with a Board Member who was attempting to express an idea. I suggested … Continue reading

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but why??

How do they manage to get along?  How long is this going to take?  Is this a pattern or did I imagine this? 

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Dahlia Elsayed

Achy Desire, 2008 Her Favorite Technical Difficulties, 2004.       I was poking around the files for shows coming up in the next year at work and found Dahlia Elsayed. Which I was happy about. She says on her website:  … Continue reading

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The Regional Assembly of Text

I really like organizations/people/books/work/ activity that are many things at once. That’s why I like artists books, that they simultaneously touch on visual art/writing/language/performance/sculpture/illustration/sound/time/etc…. Being able to enjoy something in different ways depending on your interest, appealing to different kinds … Continue reading

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Out of Sorts

I’d like to invite you to a one night exhibition of letterpress prints. (and more!) Out of Sorts: A survey of contemporary letterpress printers connecting typography, image, and language. Monday January 19th 7-10pm studio.miko 50 Dobbin st. Brooklyn NY, 11222 … Continue reading

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