I made the best pie in the world today. 

Pear Fig Pie with Hazelnut Crumb Crust. 


Whoo. I made it in bits, a crust one day, poaching figs another day. Toasting nuts in my spare time.

The leisurely approach to pie making. I’m keeping this one all to myself. So there. 

The month of January is about Finishing That Book, Dummy. Which means I have, count them, five more days, to be done with the dummy-making phase. No problem. 

It’s a faux self-help book, my book. 

I told someone this and they asked if it would help people. I said “no.”

They said that that was just like me. I thought that was mean. 

The first bit is case studies. These are the cases. 

The portraits are based on images from my high school yearbook.

Next up, the self-evaluation.

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