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Probably one of the most private things in the world.

I got two quarts of whole strawberries from the CSA fruit share this past week, which kept me busy.  I made jam too, for the first time, which ended up a little runnier than actual jam and more like sauce, … Continue reading

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NYC Zine Fest

is next weekend at the Brooklyn Lyceum, June 27th and 28th. From their website: The mission of the NYC Zine Fest is to circulate and promote independent, homemade, self-published, and small publications. We aim to support and expand the network … Continue reading

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Why must weather forecasters know the weather in distant areas?  How does the rotation of the earth affect the direction of winds?  Do changes in your life shake you up? Do you need any souvenir trinkets?  Do I state my … Continue reading

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I can’t stop talking about food. I love that it takes everything I love and makes it practical, and you don’t have to justify it like you do writing or making pictures. Because everyone has to eat. I love how … Continue reading

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“…the very categories of language are created by intentional hand actions, so that verbs derive from hand movements, nouns ‘hold’ things as names, and adverbs and adjectives, like hand tools, modify movement and objects.” The Craftsman-Richard Sennett Progress is being … Continue reading

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what I learned to-day

1. My boss thinks “technologyogical” is a word. 2. that Richard Sennett thinks: …commitments themselves come in two forms, as decisions and as obligations. In the one, we judge whether a particular action is worth doing or a particular person … Continue reading

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I revised the book again this weekend. I think this might be close. I started by collecting all sorts of transformational language: snippets from skin care ads, weight loss products, avant-garde manifestos, the Landmark Forum, Alcoholics Anonymous literature, Dale Carnegie, etc. … Continue reading

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