William the Dragon

I have this book that I’ve been carting around since I was little; William the Dragon, by Polly Donnison, who according to the back of the book, is fourteen and has three brothers and an older sister.

It’s about a spoiled dragon adopted by one Lady Wilmount, who has a fantastic flair for fashion.

Though not everyone appreciates it. William likes roast potatoes and jumble sales, and dislikes loud sweaters.

You know how you get attached to books for vague reasons, and only half-remember what happens in them? This is that kind of book. I haven’t looked at it for years and years, but I’ve brought it with me across the country and back, and through three Brooklyn apartments. Is it the sweater?


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11 Responses to William the Dragon

  1. Graham says:

    This is still a regular favorite at bedtime for my kiddies. I think it is the sweater.

  2. Ruth says:

    This is amazing. My mother is Polly Donnison, and to her this book is a distant memory.

    Nice to hear its still loved.

    • sarahnicholls says:

      Well, I’ll be! I love this book, please tell your mother thank you!

    • mark says:

      This was one of my favourite books as a child as well. Same went for my sister.

      Mark, from canada

    • MARCIA TYERMAN says:

      Ruth – William the Dragon was almost loved to death by my four children. We brought it from England to Canada when we moved and I read it to many of the children I taught. It disappeared and I spent a small fortune getting a used book online – dirty, smelly but still, it was William. This was the favorite birthday present for my then 35 year old son. Now I just found out that there was a sequel. More William stories! Two things please – is your mother still writing and do you (or anybody else) have an idea of where I can get hold of the other stories? Amazon isn’t being productive. Please convey our great affection for William to your mother.

    • RobB says:

      I have had this book since I was a nipper- now just turned 40! Its a superb book, and my daughters’ (now 7 & 11 yrs old) favourite; re-reading it with the 7 yr old now. The illustrations are fantastic, and the stories each perfect for before bedtime. This book HAS to be re-released for the new generation. I do hope Ruth that you show all these comments to your mother to let her know what joy she still brings with her scaly creation…

      • sarahnicholls says:

        I wrote about this book back in 2009, and it’s still the most popular, and most commented on post ever. Everyone loves William the Dragon! I would love to see a new edition of the book.

  3. Tom says:

    I think it’s time for a reissue and a book tour! My kids both have loved this book. We only have Volume 1, and I have no idea where we got it. Now we’ll look for volume 2!

    • sarahnicholls says:

      Agree! It’s a classic!

      • Steve says:

        Funny I’m 42 years old and this story book popped into my mind today and i have never forgotten it i first read it in the seventies Iwant to get this book for my son!

  4. Joe Boyle says:

    I’ve just tonight read this to my 7 year old daughter on a visit to my parent’s house, having found my old copy of the book in a pile in my old bedroom. We compared favourite pictures and both agreed the plate of roast potatoes was the best of all.

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