Save the date: March 21.

Publication Party!

Sunday March 21st, 6pm

Come celebrate the release of Phosphorescent Face Highlighter, a limited edition letterpress publication documenting the transformational experience in all its forms. It’s a new year, isn’t it time for a new you? By bringing together in one volume the wisdom of Adolf Loos,  The Landmark Forum, Weight Watchers, Le Courbusier, Alcoholics Anonymous, Oil of Olay and Dale Carnegie, Phosphorescent Face Highlighter will help you to lose weight, realize your potential, quit drinking, heal your relationships, design new contexts and paradigms, hide those tiny lines and wrinkles, build the city of the future, move beyond the tired  aesthetics of the past, and much, much more.

Phosphorescent Face Highlighter was printed and bound in an edition of 45 by Sarah Nicholls, artist, printmaker and author with a longstanding commitment to bettering the human condition.

Revelatory snacks and paradigm-shifting beverages will be served.

Fountain Studios
604 Grand Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11238
(between St. Marks and Bergen)
2,3 to Eastern Parkway/ Brooklyn Museum.
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2 Responses to Save the date: March 21.

  1. Connie Koistinen Jackson says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Wonderful book! So glad to see you are continuing with all of your artist talents. Wish I could come to your party.

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