you live in brooklyn, right?

Yesterday while walking away from the Hudson along Chambers street, a nice young man came up to me and announced that he’d been given a deformed avocado by a pair of Turks and he thought it was a bad omen, or no, not a bad omen, he just didn’t want it, so would I take it? I live in Brooklyn, right? I can plant it in my garden? He thought this was all the deformed avocado would be good for. I told him I unfortunately had no garden to plant it in, and he said, but you can throw it at a taxi? Or a cop car? And I said, well, no, no thank you. And he said, But I want you to take it! Please!

I didn’t take it. I’m difficult like that. But I think he was just kidding.
This is why I like the longer hours of daylight in the summer: so I can wander around the city after work and collect stories like this one.

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