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Sto per andare finalmente in vacanza!

Vacations are good for people. I’m going to Rome and Naples; I’ll be back soon.

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In the meantime…

Still waiting for box of half-finished prints and blocks, so I can finish the new pamphlet. In the meantime I’m doing this.

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More typesetting. Almost all done, except for the last bit on the timeline, which I need to do in a separate run, as I’m out of lowercase ‘i’s and number 1’s. Also the title and the colophon. This weekend I … Continue reading

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I set most of the type for both sides of the pamphlet over the weekend; I ran into a few minor roadblocks, including a dearth of 8 point Grotesque #8 lowercase “i”s, but we’ll work it out. It doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Appleton, Wisconsin! I just spent four days on the campus of Lawrence University, surrounded by bacon, rabbits, and undergraduates, to start work on a newfangled informational pamphlet. Ben Rinehart, former resident of NYC and current Professor, started a visiting artist … Continue reading

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