lead type in jobstick for pamphlet

I set most of the type for both sides of the pamphlet over the weekend; I ran into a few minor roadblocks, including a dearth of 8 point Grotesque #8 lowercase “i”s, but we’ll work it out.

lead type for pamphlet

It doesn’t really take all that long as people think to set type; its slow but soothing, and if you do it long enough you get quicker. I think what actually is going to take a long time with this one is setting up the timeline on the inside of the pamphlet in the bed of the press. I think it will take a while to get things lined up right.

This weekend I’ll proof and begin putting together the form for the inside.

I saw this yesterday and am blown away by the complexity of hand typesetting in Taiwan. Can you imagine?

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2 Responses to Typesetting

  1. judigoldberg says:

    i’m sure you know but can’t help but use the opportunity to say it, that your dearth of l’s is in fact ‘out of sorts’ each metal letter being a sort…
    and it’s true one does get faster, what takes the time is distributing the type, a soothing exercise in and of itself…aren’t those forms all tied up lovely…

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