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The enormity of the distance

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The main text on the other side is done; now just the title, colophon, and last third of the timeline is left. I’m really liking the colors on all the test proofs.

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Back to work.

Finally starting to settle back down and get something done. Here’s the pamphlet in progress’s current state: The inside timeline gets a few more runs of color: Which I was happy with, and which sidestepped the whole bright idea I … Continue reading

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Rome Part II

The last part of my time in Rome mostly consisted of walking from gorgeous place to gorgeous place; taking photos of inscriptions, tourists taking photos of each other, huge baroque churches, and fountains; eating; saying hello to the feral cat … Continue reading

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Rome part one.

The first three days in Italy I spent catching up with my old friend Miriam and her daughter Esme, who no longer is convinced that I’m out to steal her toys. The last time I visited Miriam in Italy was … Continue reading

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Alright, so this whole reentry into civilian life is going slower than anticipated. I’m just now starting to feel normal again. So how was my glorious trip to Italy? Let’s talk about Naples first. I was there three days, smack … Continue reading

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I’m back!

Back after 10 days in Italy. Amazing! I ate everything! I walked everywhere! I saw everything! I’m still catching up. More soon. In the meantime- the Baroque! (see above).

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