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You live with your hands.

To be honest, Anais Nin always reminded me of women I found deeply annoying in college, but perhaps I am mistaken. Read a great description of the joys of self-publishing and the magic of letterpress here.

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I ran 15 miles in an afternoon downpour today. Because I’ve got a lion heart that pumps lava through my veins. I love marathon training.

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Chicago, anyone?

Anyone want to join me in Chicago the weekend of October 12-13? The list of speakers for the American Printing History Association National Conference is posted.

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Intern Pie

It’s mid-August, which means the end of summer is near, which means it’s time to say goodbye to my summer interns, who were amazing and learned a bunch and made me proud. So I made them a pie. They printed … Continue reading

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Baskerville is the typeface of Truth!

The NY Times says so!

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Sustained Roar

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I’m working on a field guide. Field Guide to What? Still remains to be seen. So far I have a structure that I might like, and some images that I do like, but may not work, and some bits of … Continue reading

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In between things at the moment. Half-working on some prints, half-working on a new book. Had an idea for a pamphlet in the shower this morning. August is slow.

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