Live speaking in the flesh

Though I’m clearly more comfortable in print. Talking in public! In Williamsburg this weekend! With the amazing Angie Waller!

Sarah Nicholls will be discussing her book Phosphorescent Face Highlighter that incorporates found text from sources such as Adolf Loos, The Landmark Forum, Weight Watchers, Le Corbusier, Alcoholics Anonymous, Oil of Olay and Dale Carnegie, among others. The pages are composed of linoleum cut illustrations, hand drawn and hand-set type.

It is  a self-help tour de force.

Date: December 9th 2012 @ 3pm

29 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (entrance on 13th St.)

(View Google Map)

Cost: free

Come out this Sunday and I will help you to lose weight, realize your potential, quit drinking, heal your relationships, design new contexts and paradigms, hide those tiny lines and wrinkles, build the city of the future, move beyond the tired  aesthetics of the past, and much, much more.


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