Governor’s Island

Guess what I get to do for the next five months?
View from Ferry

Take a boat to my studio!

I’m one of the artists in this session of the LMCC Swing Space residency on Governor’s Island. I’ll have space there till the middle of December to work on new and exciting free informational pamphlets. I just started this weekend and it’s glorious.

Governor's Island

I love that I can go there during the week when it’s not open to the public. I remember that the first summer it was open, I went and was amazed by the abandoned ghost town quality of the place, which is disappearing now, what with the dance parties and teeming crowds of families and the carnival rides. But it’s quieter during the week, even with construction and rehabilitation of the old buildings going on.

Here’s some photos of the buildings on the island leftover from its time as a military base:

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  1. says:

    Congratulations! May all the animals recognize your love and pose frequently for your work. Chris

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