We’re moving.

Guys, I have some news I need to break to you. I think I just moved my blog.

I made a new website a few months ago; some of you may have seen it. I like it, it’s pretty. And it gave me the option of making this blog a self-hosted thing, rather than a .wordpress.com thing. Which I’ve been meaning to look into, but you know, I also have been meaning to vacuum and clean the bathroom, and go to the dentist, and etc.

Anyway, I was just fooling around with it, trying to see how complicated it was going to be, and blammo! It’s all moved. Everything since 2008. (have I really been at it that long?) Presto, change-o it was that easy. Internet, you’re amazing!

Anyway, the new (old) blog is now here. So update your bookmarks and such. (Mom, go ask Adam if you don’t know what that means.)

This will stay up just in case you’re afraid of change, but I’ll only be updating the new one.

Edited: My mother would like everyone to know that of course she knows how to update her bookmarks, don’t be sarcastic.

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