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We’re moving.

Guys, I have some news I need to break to you. I think I just moved my blog. I made a new website a few months ago; some of you may have seen it. I like it, it’s pretty. And … Continue reading

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Bonin Islands Grosbeak

Back to birds! Bonin Island Grosbeaks were technically not Grosbeaks, and technically only found on one of the Bonin Islands, (though maybe at one point it had lived on more than one). So let’s start at the beginning: 1. Where … Continue reading

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News! Very Important!

I’ve been neglecting this poor blog due to a life that is literally scheduled down to the minute. So here’s an obligatory catch-up post: I’ve been working on Governors Island since the beginning of August. And there is an open … Continue reading

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Choiseul Crested Pigeon

Described as having a beautiful rising and falling whistling call. From Choiseul, one of the Solomon Islands off the coast of New Guinea. Choiseul had no carnivorous mammals (other than man, who sometimes hunted it for food) before the introduction … Continue reading

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Training. I’m still getting used to the whole “running in the evening” thing. My left foot has a touch of plantar fasciitis, the spelling of which freaks me out. Double i’s? I wake up Tuesday morning starving and tired and … Continue reading

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Studio view #2

This is what wall #1 of the studio on Governors Island looks like so far. This is what the other looks like. I’m there Sundays and Mondays for now, at the Center the rest of the week, and on Mondays … Continue reading

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Studio view.

I get to watch boats sail by while working. More soon.

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