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Training. I’m still getting used to the whole “running in the evening” thing. My left foot has a touch of plantar fasciitis, the spelling of which freaks me out. Double i’s? I wake up Tuesday morning starving and tired and … Continue reading

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Studio view.

I get to watch boats sail by while working. More soon.

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Governor’s Island

Guess what I get to do for the next five months? Take a boat to my studio! I’m one of the artists in this session of the LMCC Swing Space residency on Governor’s Island. I’ll have space there till the … Continue reading

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This is where they keep

the obsolete technology.

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Took the day off yesterday and did something pleasant. The print show at MOMA is great and there’s a Dieter Roth show for the book fan in you as well.  The teenagers next to  me really liked the bunnies made … Continue reading

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Of Mark Catesby

Birds books didn’t start with John James Audubon, and they didn’t end there either. Before Audubon, there was Mark Catesby, who in 1722 was sent by the Royal Society to the Carolinas on a plant-collecting expedition. Over the next four … Continue reading

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In the interest of research for my new book, I went to the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday; it’s a strange place, which I haven’t visited in years. I thought I knew what natural history was, but perhaps … Continue reading

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