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Intern Pie

It’s mid-August, which means the end of summer is near, which means it’s time to say goodbye to my summer interns, who were amazing and learned a bunch and made me proud. So I made them a pie. They printed … Continue reading

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salty honey pie.

You know what I haven’t done in a long time? Made pie. I decided it was time to remedy that situation, by making the Salty Honey Pie, posted by my new big pie crushes, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, where I … Continue reading

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Crawford/Zeltsman Memorial Bake-Off!

Winning entry in the sweet category: Nick’s Pecan Pie- Best Debut! and Alex’s ham and cheese pie took the Savory category. Who needs air conditioning when you have pie?

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limited edition pie related ephemera

In progress.

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I’m an aunt! Surprise! And I’m in this. (opening Wednesday) With a video! Surprise! I’m working on limited edition pie propaganda this week, to commemorate the upcoming pie-bake-off-and-staff-going-away-party. Did you know they used to bake dwarves into pies?

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Save the Date!

Save the Date! Please join me in saying good-bye to beloved Center for Book Arts staff members Corinna Zeltsman and Nick Crawford, who each have decided to flee to more fertile lands this summer! On Sunday June 27th I would … Continue reading

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a peck of pears and pie.

I had an intimidating amount of fall fruit in my house this week, including, but not limited to, a peck of pears, which is, I have learned, variously 2 gallons, 8 dry quarts, or 16 dry pints. I made two … Continue reading

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I’ve found sweet love.

I’ve also cooked with apricots for the first time. I made a lovely strawberry and apricot pie yesterday, which might be better than sweet love, especially when you factor in the narcissus aspect. Progress is being made. I’m thinking less … Continue reading

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Maybe I was making a mountain out of a molehill. A weekly five pounds of fruit really means the pie versus jam conundrum-do I make pie or jam? Do I live in the moment or stop time in its tracks? … Continue reading

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The summer CSA fruit share means I could theoretically make a pie every damn week ’til november.  This one’s for our interns. Why are cherry pies so darn pie-like? Cartoon pies look like cherry pies.  I read this the other day: … Continue reading

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