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In the mail

The first batch of new pamphlets are in the mail. Action at a Distance, the Fall 2012 Brain Washing from Phone Towers Informational Pamphlet, is an exploration of Isaac Newton, the Principia, and the beginnings of the Royal Society in … Continue reading

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Forme over function.

So in this week’s episode of ridiculously-time-consuming-acts-performed-in-my-limited-free-time, I give you pamphlet, side two: My favorite thing about letterpress is the fact that you have to build up something three-dimensional to print something two dimensional. So it’s sculptural and flat at … Continue reading

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New Pamphlet! New Pamphlet!

Meet my new friend Clanky. Woodcut interior printed on our new press. Take a look at this: type high rule- Look Ma, no lockup! Type high rule with Sculpey. Presto! Red squiggly lines! There’s words, too: I’ve got a ways … Continue reading

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