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Shotgun Ornithology

After Audubon, ornithology began to take shape as a field of study. As an example, one of his protegees, Spencer Fullerton Baird, helped to create and direct the National Museum of Natural History for the Smithsonian. Baird cultivated a far-flung … Continue reading

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Of Mark Catesby

Birds books didn’t start with John James Audubon, and they didn’t end there either. Before Audubon, there was Mark Catesby, who in 1722 was sent by the Royal Society to the Carolinas on a plant-collecting expedition. Over the next four … Continue reading

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I caught the last day of the Rosemarie Trockel show at the New Museum last Sunday; not only was there a surprise collection of artist books on the fourth floor, there was also a natural history-ish installation on the second … Continue reading

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